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Some more about slots. Myths.
Slot machines are one of the best sources for gambling myths. The game is surrounded by rumors and myths that can provide entertainment for thecommon-sense gambler. in casino gamble myths slot machine ... il 12 gen 08, 19:13:06 inglese
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World's largest slot machine
There is the greatest slot machine in the world. The human mind is rich on such inventions. Therefore occurrence of such silly thing as HUGE slots, was only business of time . Rather surprising thing. in slots machine slot prize casino ... il 12 gen 08, 18:47:13 inglese
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Story of the Slot Machine
History of slots during history of mankind. What is "slots"? Curse of a casino or the most hazardous invention of people? in blackjack casino poker slot machine slots ... il 20 dic 07, 19:26:56 inglese
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