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Homestay English School Program and Curriculumcon altri 11 utenti
The Children English HomeStay School, a Child Centered English Studies Homestay is tailored to meet your ESL child's need to achieve the desired English fluency and language structure skills. Different from most formal language teaching classrooms, (...) in assessments rigorous srtucture language of mastery confidence ... il 11 feb 09, 06:26:57
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Children Homestay English Schoolcon altri 11 utenti
A warm caring child center with guardianship and comprehensive care for accelerated English learning. Children study English to mastery with native-like fluency from the breakfast table to the bedtime stories always in the company of an English teac (...) in months 9 in fluent speak studies social ... il 11 feb 09, 06:24:49
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Health Informationcon altri 31 utenti
Draligus Health is a health information encyclopedia, medical reference for medical journals and medicine & health information resources. in health information encyclopedia child children kids newborn ... il 09 feb 09, 08:52:37 inglese
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