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Data Recovery from Your Computer can be Done
When something has occurred to a computer data recovery might be required but there are times whena computer is not equal to have the data recovered. Knowing earlier if the data on your computer can be improved can save you time and money. It confirm (...)
www.interweb.in in pc technical support computer technology hardware software ... il 01 feb 10, 17:35:47 inglese
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Photo razor 2.5
Aptly named, the PhotoRazer is a tiny and free application mainly intended for resizing large photos. So if you click photos with your SLR ordigital camera for your blog, you can resize multiple images at one go.
www.techfuels.com in technology computer software applications ... il 22 gen 10, 14:59:43 inglese
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Permitting only correct data entry in tables
You have stored a worksheet centrally so that different users can work with one Excel file. Unfortunately your colleagues do not follow your specifications and for instance for a positive statement alternatively use 'N', 'n', 'NO' or even X'.
www.techfuels.com in applications software technology computer ... il 20 gen 10, 14:57:49 inglese
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Updating the view in Windows Explorer faster
When you work in Windows Explorer, you have to sometimes first update the view using a command, so that all information is correctly displayed.
www.techfuels.com in computer technology software windows xp ... il 20 gen 10, 14:26:45 inglese
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