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Mostra i siti web emergenti per i tag java :: Writing J2ME applications in Linux di sakire Profilo sakire
If you want to make the most out of your Java-enabled handheld device, you can write Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME) applications (also called midlets) on Linux and run them on your mobile platform. Here's how easy it is to get started; we'll write a Hel (...) in java mobile j2me Programming ... il 22 lug 11, 14:43:22
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How to install Java applications on the iPhone from China, the iC... di sakire Profilo sakire
Install Java applications on the iPhone from China, the iClone | You knew it was only a matter of time. China is now producing the iClone, a phone which looks very similar to the famous iPhone. The bonus with this phone is that you have the ability (...) in shiphone java application app Programming ... il 21 lug 11, 01:05:16
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InformIT: The Trusted Technology Source for IT Pros and Developer... di Francesco Profilo Francesco
Resources from the authors, creators, innovators, & leaders of technology - home to leading publishers Addison-Wesley Professional, Prentice Hall Professional, & Sams. in risorse C programmazione database opensource mysql ... il 16 lug 10, 17:44:24 inglese
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Technology Books, Free Code Downloads, Ebooks, Blogs, Articles, P... di Francesco Profilo Francesco has top coding resources for programmers. Free download code, ebooks, P2P forums, blogs, articles on Twitter, ASP NET, C++, Web development, and more. ASP.NET Mobile C#/C++ Open Source Database PHP/MySQL.NET SharePoint General SQL Server (...) in risorse C programmazione database opensource mysql ... il 16 lug 10, 17:41:34 inglese
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Freeware Text Editor di Francesco Profilo Francescocon altri 1 utenti
ANCHE IN ITALIANO FREE ConTEXT is a Small, Fast and Powerful Freeware Text Editor for Windows Software Developers. Supports Code Highlighting, File Compare, Macros, Templates etc in editor php java javascript html css sql ... il 16 lug 10, 17:25:57 inglese
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Software Planet - The Programmer's World ! di Francesco Profilo Francesco
Software Planet: Corsi gratuiti in italiano di Visual C++, Visual Basic, HTML, Perl, JavaScript, Programmazione in C con Linux e tutte le risorse per il programmatore. in sistema_operativo access php excel autocad perl cgi ... il 12 lug 10, 18:54:41 italiano
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Abelski: Course categories di Francesco Profilo Francesco in rubyrails database java php ... il 10 lug 10, 13:26:55 inglese
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Open Source Code Search Engine - Black Duck Koders di Francesco Profilo Francescocon altri 2 utenti
Koders è un nuovo motore di ricerca unicamente incentrato sui codici sorgenti dei progetti open source. Per personalizzare le nostre ricerche è possibile scegliere tra una gamma di più di 30 linguaggi di programmazione e ben 28 tipi di licenza. Ko (...) in php motore_ricerca actionscript asp C coldfusion ... il 07 giu 10, 19:08:14 inglese
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